Prologue's Guidelines

We meet students that are interested in coming to Prologue. We interview them to find out about their interests and background. We also want to tell you some things about Prologue. Prologue students suggest the following lists as things that the new students should know about our school. Read them and feel free to ask questions.

  1. Prologue has an attendance policy called the Jeopardy Policy. If you have five absences in one class, you are in Jeopardy in that class. When you have your sixth absence, you are out of that class until you meet with your teacher. Your teacher may either allow you to return to the class with certain conditions or may ask you to remain out of the class for the rest of the quarter. The decision will depend on the reasons for your absences and the quality of the work you have been doing in the class. If you are out of two classes in one marking period, then you must meet with the staff to discuss the situation. You are marked late if you arrive 10-15 minutes late to class. Two lates are counted as one absence.
  2. You are not allowed to have drugs or weapons into the school. Students caught with these things will go through due process. Prologue is a drug free school. Students who are high in class will be sent home for that day. The second offense will result in meeting with the staff to discuss under what terms the student remains in school. On the third offense, the student will go through due process.
  3. Stealing and fighting are not allowed at Prologue. Students who fight while in school will go through due process. We are not like the public schools and we try to build a good relationship between the students and staff.
  4. The gang policy states that no gang T-shirts, sweaters, symbols, emblems, or representing are allowed. No two-color combination which includes black and another gang color such as yellow, blue, gray, gold, etc. is allowed. The color restriction also includes the following items: combs, barrettes, shoe laces, bandannas, etc. Obvious representation by a gang member will result in his/her being asked to leave for the day. This policy is designed to keep the peace at Prologue because there are students from different areas in the school.
  5. No smoking in the building. Students can go outside to smoke only at break time or lunchtime, not between classes.
  6. Every Wednesday, all students are involved in recreation activities. We usually go to Margate gym to play basketball, volleyball, or whatever else the students plan. The students and staff also use this time for field trips. We take attendance and everyone is expected to participate to earn their credits for these activities.
  7. During the year, we have several school outings to different places. We do these activities to build our relationship and make Prologue less like a school and more of a family. We have a lot of fun and we ask that all the students participate.
  8. Good communication between staff and students is very important to us at Prologue. It is also important that students participate in making decisions and helping the school. Every week, we have group meetings to talk about events that happened or to discuss problems, plan outings and pass on information. Alternate weeks, students will meet with a counselor in a small group to discuss similar issues. Students pick a teacher during the first quarter to be their counselor.
  9. Visitors are allowed at Prologue but only under the following circumstances: Your friends can pick you up at school, but only during lunch or after school. They cannot visit you during class time. If you want to bring a friend to school to visit your classes, you must ask permission from your teachers one day in advance. Children are allowed in class only if your teacher or counselor gives permission before you come to school.
  10. Lockers are available for students. If you need a locker, see the secretary and one will be assigned. The lock for the locker MUST be purchased from the school. You may sell the lock back to the school, as long as it is in good condition. Any lock placed on a locker that was not purchased from the school will be confiscated. Locker sharing is permitted as long as you let the secretary know when your locker is assigned.
  11. Prologue does not own this building. We rent the space occupied by the school. It is very important for us to keep up a good relationship with our landlord. If students write on walls or damage the building in any way, it gives him grounds for throwing us out. It will help all of us if everyone takes care of school property.
  12. To remain in good standing at Prologue:
  13. No Walkmans, CD players, headphones, telephones or pagers are allowed in classes. Teachers will take them away, and they will be returned at the end of the school day.