Work Credit

Students can recieve credit for successfully maintaining employment on a regular basis. (Odd jobs do not qualify)
The purpose of this credit is:

  1. To be able to maintain positive employer-employee relationships.
  2. To keep a job for a reasonable length of time.
  3. To keep a job for a length of time that can indicate some growth in responsibility and skill.

To get credit:

  1. You must work 10-15 hours per week for two continous semesters or 20-25 hours per week for one semester to recieve one credit. (No more than one work credit is allowed at Prologue)
  2. Notify your counselor at Prologue that you are working and want to recieve credit.
  3. Give the counselor your employer's name, address, and the hours and days you work per week.
  4. At the end of the semester, when evaluation time is near, ask for an employment evalution form from the office. Give it to your employer asking him/her to fill it out. Then return the evaluation form to the Prologue office, and it will be added to your academic record.