Let's Communicate

Good communication between staff and students is very important to us at Woodlawn. It is also important that students participate in making decisions for your school...

Large Group Sessions

We are looking forward to having group meetings once a week to talk about events/problems that happened and what plan of adction we can take to eliminate any further occurences.(input from pa)

Small Group Sessions

Students are assigned to small conseling groups where they work with teachers to develop students IEPs, solve individual and group problems and learn to plan activities for the school.

Building Property

Woodlawn does not own this building; we rentthe space for the school therefore; it is important for us to keep a good relationship with our landlord. If student write on the walls or damage the building in any way, it give the landlord grounds for terminating the lease. Therefore; it is every students responsibility to help take care of the school.


Visitors are allowed at Woodlawn but only during the following circumstances: