New students must learn at least three credits during their first year. For students who enter in January the requirement would be one half.

Returning students cannot lose more than one credit of the total course credits they are taking. (Example: if a student is taking five classes, he/she must earn at least four credits during the school year).

Graduation Requirements

A total of 19 credits are required for graduation. The following requirements must be obtained:

Work Credit at Woodlawn

Can I receive credit for working a job?... Yes, you can. Can I get credit for any job?... Not all jobs. Your employment must be on a regular basis. Odd jobs do not qualify. The purpose of this credit is:

What must I do to receive credit:

Then, what?

Then, at the end of the semester when evaluation time is near, ask the Job Counselor for an employment evaluation. Give it to your employer asking him or her to fill it out. Return the evaluation form to the Job Counselor.