Adult Education

Prologue is a non-profit educational center located in the heart of Chicago's Uptown Neighborhood. Since 1984, Prologue has been serving adults whose needs are overlooked by conventional educational programs. In the classroom or with an individual tutor, students study:

The learning experience at Prologue Adult Education center is enhanced by personal interaction among staff, teachers, volunteers, and students. This personal touch creates a positive learning enviroment, different from many students previos school experiences. Each student, working with a teacher or conselor, sets individual educational goals that relate to the students personal plans and employment goals.

Every student attending classes at Prologue Adult Education Center are offered assistance with job training. Students also take field trips and will be offered physical education in the near future.


General Education Development (GED) program emphasizes learning rather than memorizing answers that will be on the test. Classes in English, math, social studies, science, literature, and writing are offered to people 16 years old and over. Prologues individual approach to teaching allows each student to work at his or her level and to concentrate on specific content areas. Students are given GED practice test regularly to track their progress and based on the results, a strategy is planned.

In addition to class work, GED students can work individually with tutors or use educational software programs. GED classes are available in the afternoon and in the evening.


Located at 5244 N. Lakewood 773-878-6035Prologues ESL program is located in one of the most cuturally diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. Approximately twenty percent of the Adult Basic Education (ABE) and GED students at Prologue come from countries around the world. For these students, we offer the oppurtunity to study for the GED while also receiving focused ESL instruction in reading and writing.

Students also benefit from small classes and individual instruction. Also, they study math with native English speakers which gives students the oppurtunity to use English in both social and academic settings.

Volunteer Tutors

Through the work of many dedicated and talented volunteers, Prologue Adult Education Center can offer hours of individual and small group instruction to students. Tutors who volunteer at Prologue come from chruches, univerities, and the local community.

For those interested in volunteering, the oppurtunities are varied. One may tutor an individual in reading, math, or English. Another tutor may teach geometry, science, or health care to a small group. Some volunteers assist with office work or special projects such as working on a newsletter, organizing the library, or recruting students.

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Carola Willis, arranges training for all tutors. Volunteers are given an orientation to Prologues programs and in-service training is offered through the year.

Call ********** or visit Prologue for additional information. info Prologue Adult Education Center To register for classes or to volunteer contact: 1105 W. Lawrence 2nd floor Chicago, IL 60640 773-728-8120 Weekday classes are held Mon.-Thurs. from 10:00 to 2:30pm. Evening classes are held Tues.-Thurs. from 5:30pm to 8:00pm. GED and ESL clases are offered at additional locations. Please call for information. Free ongoing registration is held everyday, Mon.-Thurs.. Please call 773-728-8120 for an appointment. For more nformation about Prologue Inc and/or Prologue Alternative High School please call 773-728-7221. The highschool serves 16-21 year olds who are working toward their high school diploma.