Policies and Procedures

Woodlawn Intergenerational High School has an attendance policy that must be respected and followed by all students.

Woodlawn Intergenerational attendance policy states that if you have 5 absences in one class, you are in jeopardy in that class. When you have your sixth absence, you are out of that class until you meet with your teacher. Your teacher may allow you to return to the class with certain conditions or may ask you to remain out of the class for the rest of the quarter. The decision will depend on the reasons for your absences and the quality of the work you have been doing in that class. If you are out of two classes in one marking period, you must meet with the staffto discuss the situation. You are marked late if you arrive 10-15 minutes late to school. If you are late twice, that will be counted as one absence from that class.


You are not allowed to bring drugs or weapons into the school. Students caught with these items will be suspended or asked to leave the school. Woodlawn Intergenerational High School is a DRUG FREE SCHOOL. Students who are high in class will be asked to leave that day. Stealing and fighting is not allowed at Woodlawn, because we are not a public high school, we try to build a good relationship with the students and staff.


The gang policy states that no gang T-shirts, sweaters, symbols, emblems, or representing are allowed. No two-color combination which includes black and another color such as yellow, blue, gray, gold, red, etc. is allowed. The color restriction also includes the folowing intems: bandannas, combs, barrette, shoe laces, etc. Obvious representation by a gang member will result in his/her being asked to leave the premises. The policy is designed to keep the peace at Woodlawn because there are students from different areas attending the school.

Dress code


All staff are role models for the students and the community. The attire you choose to wear should be professional and appropriate at all times. A change of clothing can be brought for sporting and/or recreational activities when scheduled for your students.

Dress policy for the staff

Professional business attire, dresses, skirts, suits, slacks, button down collar sport shirts, blouses, blazers, dress/casual shoes and skirts not more than 3 inches above the knee. It is not acceptable to wear tennis shoes, jeans, jogging suits, shorts, tee shirts, and sweat suits. (Fridays is dress down day for staff only where gym shoes, jeans, jogging suits and sweat suits are permitted.

Dress code for students

Not acceptable:


Once a week students will go to the library to write a paper from a newspaper article.